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Oooooh, a SECOND Star Wars?? (grin)

Yeah, so no one really expected more than ONE movie after Star Wars... a second one made everyone all excited.

And back then, when you got excited about something- you made glasses that people could collect... you'd get them for 25 or 50 cents with any purchase at local fast food places (mc donalds, taco bell, burger king...) and they were highly collectable.

Of course, they were also AMAZINGLY numerous. :P

This means they don't have much value anymore- even in mint condition, which this one probably isn't. But still.

Here's one that somehow escaped being sold off when I got rid of all my Star Wars collectables- it will probably go off to the thrift store, unless someone specifically shouts that they Neeeeed it. (grins) It's probably worth five bucks at most.

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Glasses: Lime Rickey, anyone?

Pictures behind the cut:

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A looooooong time ago, my Mother's cabinets held DOZENS of these glasses. They were the glass of choice for both the mundane (like Iced Tea or Lemonade) or the spiffy-riffic Lime Rickeys and Shirley Temples... they were the glasses you brought out when company came visiting, or when everyone was on the porch. They were the /company/ glasses, ya know. The ones you wanted folks to SEE.

That day came and went- and one day all us kids hit the door running, and made our own homes.

Inevitably, we came crawling back one at a time, in need of something, anything, that was from HOME...

Mom let us each pick out a set of SIX... so we'd have a 'set'... but these glasses came in a ba-zillion variations- so a 'set' doesn't mean much that way... you could get different colours, different animals, and who knows what other combinations. There was actually a pitcher and platter I believe, but it long ago went bye bye... my set was only six glasses.

One of them cracked all the way through, and I still kept it. Cause it's like... from Mom's hand to mine... it's so AWESOME. I didn't know they were easy to get a replacement for, so I kept it, in case I ever needed to see 'which one' to replace. Now I know the possibilities are endless, and no ONE is the only choice!

So it is really time to pass these on to someone else now... someone who has friends over for the occasional iced tea or lemonade... or someone who will sell them on the side, for all I care. (grin) I could post them on craigslist, but I thought I would share them here first.

They're just... SO DANG CUTE. I wuv them.

Up Up, and AWAY!!

Here's my first contribution to the 'stuff with a story' group!

Pics first, story after:



So everyone probably knows all about the Toy Story movie- it was a big deal when it first hit the screen, and Disney wasn't really ready for the BIG splash it made! They made a bunch of these electronic toys, but not NEAR enough for the demand! They had been released before the movie, and sold out FAST... I happened to buy one, because I knew a little of the backstory of the movie and the electronic toy- and I was passing by at the exact moment when they were down to ONE on the store's shelf where I lived. How could I NOT buy him?

In the movie, Buzz Lightyear learns a valuble lesson, a part of which is expressed in his determined saying, "This isn't Flying... It's Falling... WITH STYLE!"

I loved that. I thought it was a pretty dang good moral/quote for life in general, and so he sat on my bookshelf forever it seems like- untill the next movie came out, and focused on all those toys still stuck in their plastic boxes... as collector's items. ;)

Yeah. So you know what Buzz needs?

He needs a HOME. I could keep him, but I think I have learned his lesson now- now, he should be with someone who either really DOES want to collect him, or who will take him out and PLAY with him. Cause a toy in a box is just SAD.

He is in nearly mint condition, and he STILL TALKS... his first batteries haven't even run down! He's awesome.

I did list him on craigslist, but ebay is filled with the buying and selling of various editions, so a first edition isn't really as rare as it could be. Awww. He'd go free to a home, or you could contribute a small donation to my fund for affording Sickle this year. :)

For 36 years...

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That's Tigger and Doggy. Okay, I didn't have a lot of imagination when I was kid. I got them as a toddler and they've been with me ever since. Six moves and they're still with me. :)